How to stop a RYOBI Belt Sander belt from coming off

Last update: 29/08/2023, 12:25

Applicable Models

R18BS-0, EBS800V


Belt Sanders are made with an overlapping joint. Because of this, it's important to fit the belt in the right direction, otherwise it'll break at the join during use. 

Step Action

On the inside of every belt, you'll see directional arrows.

RYOBI Belt Sander Belt Arrows


Simply fit the belt in the same direction as the arrow on the side of the tool. The position of the arrows will vary between models.

RYOBI Belt Sander Arrow Direction

3 To fit or replace the belt, unplug the power cord/remove battery.
4 Take the tension off the belt by pulling back the tensioning lever and sliding the old belt out. 
5 Position the belt roughly in the centre of the metal back plate and push the tensioning lever in. 
6 At this stage the belt should fit firmly on the rollers. 
7 Once the belt's fitted it needs to be aligned on the rollers by adjusting the tracking - this ensures the sanding belt doesn't come off during use. See: How to adjust a RYOBI Belt Sander's belt for tracking.

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