How to adjust a RYOBI Belt Sander's belt for tracking

Last update: 29/08/2023, 12:21

Applicable Models

R18BS-0, EBS800V


Step Action
1 To align the sanding belt, reconnect the power source/reinsert the battery. 
2 Firmly hold the sander away from your body, and turn the tool on.
3 If the belt stays running in the centre of the backing plate you won’t need to make any alignment adjustments. But if you notice the belt slowly tracking to the left or right, then you’ll need to adjust its alignment by using the tracking knob.
4 Slowly turn the tracking knob making only small adjustments at a time and then wait until the belt stops moving off centre before making another adjustment.
5 Keep making small adjustments until the belt stabilises central to the back plate.

Additional Support