Why isn’t my RYOBI battery charging?

Last update: 25/10/2023, 16:05

Applicable Models

RB1860X, RB186060X, RB184040C, RB1850C, R18SK14, R18BC143, RB1840C, RBC36L40D2, RB18L90A, R36BTY12, R36BTY6, R36BTY8, R36BTY42

Cause Solution
Battery too hot If you've used your tool for an extended period and the tool is warm, the battery may be too warm to charge. When a hot battery pack is placed on the charger, the charger may indicate the battery pack is not ready to charge. Wait until the battery has cooled down before attempting to charge again. 
Environment too hot Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can affect battery charging. Make sure you are storing and charging the battery where the temperature is below 27 degrees. 
Dirt or debris in battery or charger contacts Inspect the battery contacts on both the tool and the battery. Make sure it's clean and free from any dirt or debris. Clean with a dry cloth if visible. 
Storing battery when it's flat Store your batteries in a charged condition of a minimum of 2 bars of charge on the gauge. 
Tool or charger issue Confirm and diagnose whether it is an issue with that battery specifically, or potentially an issue with tool or charger. Test the battery in question in different tools (or chargers if you have multiple) to isolate where the fault may lie. 
Battery age Batteries have a limited lifespan and can eventually lose their ability to hold a charge. If your battery is several years old (3+ years) and has been charged and discharged numerous times, it may need to be replaced.

For a guide on what the LED lights on your charger are indicating when you charge your battery, refer to the article specific to your charger:


If the issue isn’t resolved, and it’s still within the warranty period, take it back to the retail store along with your receipt or proof of purchase for warranty assessment.

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