What do the flashing lights mean on RYOBI 36V Multi Chargers?

Last update: 25/10/2023, 14:06

Applicable Models


This LED guide applies to the RYOBI 36V dual port and 6-port chargers. For 36V single port chargers, see: What do the flashing lights mean on RYOBI 36V Single Chargers?

Charger status Battery pack inserted Battery pack Red LED Green LED Charger label status Action
Idle No - On (5 minutes) Off N/A -
Standby Yes - On Off Battery in Ready to charge battery pack.
Evaluation Yes Hot On On Testing Fast charging begins when the battery pack
cools down.
Cold On On Fast charging begins when the battery pack
warms up.
Charging Yes Fast Charging Off Flash Charging -
Deeply Discharged Charger pre-charges battery until normal
voltage is reached, then begins fast charging
Defective Yes Yes Flash Flash Error Battery temperature, battery capacity, or
charger may be faulty.
  • If the LED status shows defective, reset the charger or reinsert the battery.
  • If the LED status repeats a second time, try charging a different battery.
  • If a different battery charges normally, the previous battery is defective. 
Fully charged Yes Charged. Off On (10 mins) Ready Fast charging is complete; the charger
maintains charge mode.


If your battery isn't charging, see: Why isn't my RYOBI Battery charging?

If your battery is defective after troubleshooting, and is still within the warranty period, take it back to the retail store along with your receipt or proof of purchase for warranty assessment.

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