Why does the sanding belt rub against the body of my Ryobi Sander?

Last update: 15/09/2022, 14:56

Applicable Models

R18BS-0, EBS800V

  • The sanding belt needs alignment.
  • To align the sanding belt, reconnect the power source.
  • Firmly hold the sander away from your body, and turn the tool on.
  • If the belt stays running in the centre of the backing plate you won’t need to make any alignment adjustments.
  • But if you notice the belt slowly tracking to the left or right, then you’ll need to adjust its alignment by using the tracking knob.
  • Slowly turn the tracking knob making only small adjustments at a time and then wait until the belt stops moving off centre before making another adjustment.
  • Keep making small adjustments until the belt stabilises central to the back plate, and you’re done.


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