What nails, staple types or sizes can I use in a RYOBI Nailer or Stapler?

Last update: 17/03/2023, 09:10

Applicable Models

R18GN18, R18ST50-0, R18NL15-0, R18NL16-0, R18ST-0, R18NL-0, R16GN18, R18GS18

  • RYOBI Nailers and Staplers are designed for specific fasteners compatible to these RYOBI tools. 
  • Using incorrect-sized fasteners can be dangerous, and will result in the tool jamming or breaking - voiding the warranty. 
  • Ensure the nails:
    • Are compatible with the requirements of your Nailer or Stapler.
    • Are in good condition.
    • Are straight.
    • Don’t have signs of rust or corrosion, as this can cause damage to the tool.


Refer to the guide on compatible nails for your tool:

Model Number Fastener Type* Length Range Collation Angle Product Recommendation (follow the link to buy)
R18ST-0, R18GS18 Narrow Crown Staple 18ga 10mm -38mm 0

PowerFit 6000 Series Narrow Crown Project Pack Staples - 4000 Pack

R18ST50-0 T50 Staple 6mm – 14mm 0

Arrow 10mm T50 Staples - 1250 Pack**

R16GN18, R18NL16-0 C Brad Nail 16ga 19mm – 64mm 0

PowerFit C Series Galvanised Brad Nails Project Pack - 4000 Pack

R18GN18, R18NL-0 C1 Brad Nail 18ga 15mm – 50mm 0

PowerFit C1 Series Galvanised Brad Nails Project Pack - 4000 Pack

R18NL15-0 DA Brad Nail 15ga 25mm -65mm 34° Angled

PowerFit DA Angle Brad Nails Project Pack

*Compatible fastener type is located on your tool, like this example:

nailer rating plate example


**T50 is a registered trademark of Arrow Fastener Co., LLC.

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