What to do if your 18V RYOBI Mower won't turn on

Last update: 16/10/2023, 15:35

Applicable Models

R18LMWP4, R18XLMW24, R18XLMW20, RLM18X33S40, OLM1840BL, RLM1840BLX6

Cause Solution
Safety key not inserted The safety key must be inserted and securely in position for the mower to start.
Battery not connected property Ensure the battery is adequately connected to the unit. Check the battery contacts in both the mower and the battery itself.
Debris around battery contacts Inspect the battery contacts on both the tool and the battery. Make sure it's clean and free from any dirt or debris. Clean with a dry rag if visible. 
Blade jammed with debris With the mower switched off, and the battery and safety key removed, check if the lawn mower's blade is obstructed or jammed by debris, grass clippings, or foreign objects. If the blade cannot move freely, it can prevent the mower from starting. Carefully clear any obstructions with a blower, brush and/or rag - ensuring the blade spins freely.
Grass bag is full If your lawn mower has a grass bag attachment, ensure that it is not overfilled. A full grass bag can put strain on the mower's motor and prevent it from starting.
Telescopic handles not fully extended For mowers with telescopic handles: the mower won't start if the handles aren't fully extended. Ensure the telescopic handles are fully extended, and the grass catcher or mulch-plug is securely installed. 

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