What to do if your 18V or 36V RYOBI Mower cuts out while mowing

Last update: 25/11/2022, 15:05

Applicable Models

R36XLMW10, R36LMW16, R36XLMW26, OLM1840BL, RLM1840BLX6, RLM36X46BL, RLM18X33S40, R18LMWP4

  • First check that you have a fully charged battery - a fully charged battery maximises runtime and also power, and minimises the chance of your mower cutting out in use.
  • The next thing to check for is the condition of your lawn - for best performance, it's recommended to mow your lawn regularly and to mow dry grass.
  • Always remove obstructions such as sticks and gumnuts from your lawn before mowing as these can cause your mower to cut-out. 
  • Mow on a higher setting before moving to a lower one if your grass is on the longer side.
  • If you've had your mower for a while, consider replacing the blades as new, sharp blade reduces the amount of strain placed on your mowers motor and can help avoid cut-outs.

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