RYOBI Pressure Washer has low or no water pressure

Last update: 20/10/2023, 08:50

Applicable Models



Possible Cause Solution
Line not primed The line needs to be primed before use use. Not doing so will affect the stream of water. Do this by running the water through the system for a minute or two to make sure any air is gone.
Tap setting Make sure the tap is turned on to medium pressure. 
Not enough water pressure If the water is being drawn from a non-mains supply, make sure there's enough water pressure. 
Kinks in the hose Check the connecting garden hose for kinks or blockages.
Filter blockage or build up If your model uses an inline water filter, check its not blocked or has a build up of debris. Clear blockages and/or clean filter. 
Blockages in nozzle Check the nozzle for blockages and clear with supplied cleaning tool.
Water contaminants If using water from a tank, check the quality of supply of water, as often tank water can have contaminants that can block the nozzle.
Multiple extension cords (corded models) If your model is corded and you're using multiple extension cords, the motor maybe low on power. Only use one lead suitable for outdoor use, no longer than 25m.

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