RYOBI Blower Vacuum won’t start

Last update: 16/08/2023, 11:52

Applicable Models

RDV36, RBV3640, RBV3600, OBV1800 R18XBLV20, R18XBLV26, RBV2400ESF

Battery may be low

Step Action
1. Check the battery has at least 1 solid bar on it’s fuel gauge.
2. If there is a flashing single bar, it's indicating the battery is fully discharged.
3. Recharge the battery and/or replace with a fully charged battery.

Tube may not be assembled correctly

The Blower Vacuum has a safety system preventing the tool from starting, should the tube not be assembled correctly. To check the tube: 

Step Action
1. Remove the battery.

Check that the tube locking screw has been wound completely in, all the way, until finger tight, as shown on models R18XBLV20 & R18XBLV26 in this example

Garden Blower Vac Locking Screw

3. You should hear a slight click to signify that the safety system is engaged.
4. Refit the battery and try restarting the tool.

Impeller/fan may be jammed or blocked

The brushless motor and battery have protection systems that prevent the tool from starting, in the event that the impeller/fan is jammed. To check for jams or blockages: 

Step Action
1. Remove the battery.
2. Check and remove twigs and other debris stuck in the impeller.
3. Refit the battery and try restarting the tool. 

Battery may have overheated

The battery has a protection system that shuts it down in the event that it overheats. This system protects and extends the life of both the battery and the tool. 

Step Action
1. Allow the battery and tool to rest in a cool position for 5 minutes or more. This should reinstate normal operating conditions.

Also be aware that a battery can overheat when it's: 

  • Recharged in a hot environment.
  • Operating for extended periods in a hot environment.
  • Used in high-powered tools directly after being recharged in warm to hot environments

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