RYOBI 36V Pressure Washer won't start

Last update: 25/09/2023, 13:53

Applicable Models

R36XPWS26, RPW36X50, RPW3600

Possible Cause Solution
Dirt or debris in battery or charger contacts Inspect the battery contacts on both the tool and the battery. Make sure it's clean and free from any dirt or debris, as this can cause the unit not to start. 
Battery is in sleep mode Take out and reinstall the battery. 
Water supply isn't connected Ensure that the water supply is connected, and the water is flowing freely through the pressure washer.
Blockage in nozzle or wand Check if the nozzle and wand are properly connected and not clogged.
Extreme temperatures Extreme temperatures, especially in very cold weather, can affect the performance of cordless batteries. If it's very cold, try warming the battery before attempting to start the pressure washer. If the unit has been outside in the hot sun, take the battery out in a cooler area to let it cool before trying to start again. 
There is high water pressure in the hose. Squeeze the trigger to relieve water pressure. 

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