How to clean a RYOBI Lawn Mower

Last update: 25/11/2022, 14:58

Applicable Models

R18LMWP4, R36XLMW10, R36LMW16, R18XLMW24, R36XLMW16, R36XLMW26, R18XLMW20, RLM18X33S40, OLM1840BL, RLM1840BLX6, RLM36X46BL, OLM1833S, RLM13E33S, RLM46160PB, RLM46175YB

  • For a battery-powered or electric mower, remove the battery and/or red safety key from the lawn mower.
  • Tilt the lawn mower on its side and clean the deck with a brush or cloth. Do not use water on these products.
  • For a petrol-powered lawn mower, wash the underside of the deck with a hose and use a brush or cloth to wipe away debris. Do not hose down the engine.

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